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The Issue With DIY Windshield Repair Kits

Oct 24, 2022Auto Glass, On the Road

The Issue With DIY Windshield Repair Kits

MobileTech Auto Glass is owned and operated by regular people, just like you. We have loved ones who travel in our vehicles with us, and we always want to make choices that benefit everyone’s well-being. While we understand that the convenience of a DIY windshield repair kit may seem like the right choice, we urge you to reconsider your decision. 

Read more to understand why auto glass repair is not a matter to be taken lightly and what issues can arise with using a DIY windshield repair kit. 

What could go wrong with DIY windshield repair kits?

Everyone loves convenience, which is why the appeal of a Do-It-Yourself windshield repair kit is so attractive. You can grab one at your local store for under twenty bucks. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot. 

Used Improperly 

DIY repair kits sound pretty straightforward. However, once you dive into the box and open the directions, things complicate a bit. A lot of detail and precision are involved in fixing a windshield chip. Unlike when you have a professional fix the problem, there is also no warranty for your work. If you make a mistake, there is no ‘re-do.’ You are stuck with a larger problem and more safety concerns, not to mention wasted money. 

Impair Visibility

A DIY windshield repair kit works by filling the chip with epoxy resin and letting it harden to a glass-like consistency. If too much epoxy is used, it can drip out of the chip or crack and onto your windshield, impairing your vision significantly. 

Bandaid Repair

In theory, properly using a windshield repair kit will ‘fix’ your auto glass problem. However, the reality is that this is only a temporary bandaid repair. Getting a professional assessment done as soon as possible when a chip or crack occurs is essential. The reason for this is that there are structural issues that may go unnoticed by you. This impacts the overall safety of your vehicle. 

Learn more: Why do cracks in my windshield matter?

Further Damage

Even if you do a perfect job repairing the crack or chip in your windshield, this will not prevent the damage from spreading in the future. As the weather fluctuates, debris like rocks and pebbles fly into your windshield, and even using your heater or air conditioner can all cause further cracking. 

We Value You. 

One thing we always try to make clear in our blog posts is just how vital auto glass is to your safety on the road. We also understand your time is valuable, and your budget is, too. 

MobileTech Auto Glass offers convenient and efficient mobile windshield repair and replacement. If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area and have auto glass damage, reach out today. We’re here to help!

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