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How to Avoid Rear Window Damage

Oct 10, 2022Auto Glass, Auto Insurance, On the Road

How to Avoid Rear Window Damage

Rear window damage occurs less and isn’t directly obstructive to your view while driving. It may seem like less of a problem, but this type of auto glass damage still poses a significant safety concern. Do your best to avoid rear window damage with these preventive measures discussed below. 

What makes rear window auto glass different?

To better understand rear window damage, it’s important to note what kind of glass your rear window glass is made of. There are two primary types of auto glass. 

Laminated glass is what your windshield is composed of. This is a strong, tough-to-break glass with a specialized plastic layer fused between the panes of glass to provide flexibility in the case of impact with an object or another vehicle. 

Tempered glass is what makes up the rear and passenger side windows. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into small, round pieces to reduce damage and injury. 

Both of these types of auto glass are designed with safety in mind. They are built to absorb impact and break in the safest way possible, given their location in your vehicle. 

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What causes rear window damage?

Rear window auto glass is designed to take more of a beating, which is why it is made of tempered glass. However, just because this added strength, unfortunately, does not make it immune from damage. 

There are four reasons damage typically occurs: 

Automobile Accidents 

Auto accidents are, of course, a significant reason one may experience auto glass damage. Something as impactful as a collision or as minor as a fender bender can both be culprits to rear window glass damage. 

Sudden Temperature Change

The sudden change of temperature causes your rear auto glass to expand or contract, depending on whether it is exposed to hot or cold air. To prevent this damage, avoid blasting the air conditioning or the heater immediately. A slow, gradual approach will be much more effective at preserving the integrity of your auto glass. Additionally, seeking covered parking is going to be a great preventative measure. 


Flying objects, or projectiles, are no friend to your auto glass. Whether it be due to a golf ball zooming through the air, a bird making a bad call, the neighbor kid experimenting with their swing, or a number of other random incidents – these projectiles can cause damage to your rear auto glass. Once again, covered parking will be a great way to keep objects from damaging your auto glass. 

Poor Driving Conditions 

Poor driving conditions may exist for various reasons. It is best to use discretion when taking your vehicle out to drive. Hail storms (thank you, monsoon season), haboobs, and construction zones are all encounters one may have driving in Phoenix, Arizona, that can create poor conditions leading to auto glass damage. 

Improper Installation

Too often, we see the improper installation of auto glass as a common reason for rear window damage. The best solution is to ensure you do your homework on the auto glass company you will be working with. Good reviews, plenty of experience, and a lifetime warranty can give you peace of mind regarding your choice of installer. 

Good thing MobileTech Auto Glass has all three! 

Need a repair?

If your car becomes victim to rear window damage for any reason, MobileTech Auto Glass is here to help. Our expert technicians aim to provide you with the best possible service and maximum convenience.

If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area, let MobileTech Auto Glass come to you!Get your complimentary quote here or get in touch with us: 1-480-207-6952.


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