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What You Need to Know About Sunroofs and Auto Glass Repair

Sep 26, 2022Auto Glass, On the Road

What You Need to Know About Sunroofs and Auto Glass Repair

Ah, natural light. What’s better than the refreshing view of clouds strewn across the sky? While you may be fortunate enough to have a car with a sunroof, it’s important to know they do unfortunately come with their own set of issues. 

Read more to discover these common problems and why repairing your sunroof glass is essential. 

What are common issues with sunroofs?

According to Go Mechanic, although sunroofs are an attractive feature to have in your car, they can become a bit of a liability if you’re not careful. 

Here are the six common sunroof problems reported by drivers. 

Sunroof Leaks

This tends to be the most common problem found with sunroofs and moonroofs. Sunroofs contain a drainage system to eliminate water. However, if this drainage system becomes clogged at any point or accumulates damage, water can leak into your car’s cabin. This tends to be the most common problem found with sunroofs and moonroofs. There are also rubber seals present, which can deteriorate over time. 

Glass Damage

Your sunroof is made of rugged tempered glass, which is made to withstand some impact. However, it is glass nonetheless and can still be damaged. Cracks and chips can have a number of effects on your vehicle’s comfort and safety, including temperature fluctuations due to not having tint anymore, allowing water damage, and even messing with the aerodynamics of your car. 

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Electrical Failure

If it feels like your sunroof is moving in slow motion, this could indicate motor failure. Additionally, if it won’t open or close, this also shows electrical failure. Electrical problems are usually caused by a motor problem, a  faulty switch, or a broken fuse. 

Mechanical Problems

Perhaps your sunroof’s motor is in perfect working condition, but you’re still experiencing problems with opening or closing your sunroof? A damaged track or cable could be the culprit here. Sometimes dirt and other debris collect in the gears, jamming the sunroof from moving properly.


Now, yes – you read that right – but before you get alarmed, please note this is an infrequent problem with a sunroof. However, sunroof explosion or shattering is, in fact, possible. Most experts believe this occurs due to an issue with the glass. Small cracks can impact the stability of the glass. Driving over different terrains and climates builds pressure, eventually causing severe damage to your sunroof glass. 


Sunroof rattling is as annoying as it sounds. Rattling can be due to a need to lubricate the end of the sunroof. This is an easy fix to do on your own. However, if you have done this and you find the problem persists, this could indicate your sunroof glass is out of alignment or was installed poorly. 

Why is it important to repair my sunroof?

We recommend periodically checking your sunroof for damage to ensure everything is working smoothly. Prevention is always the best route. If damage is present, elemental factors like extreme heat, rain, or road debris can contribute to the problem. 

Who can I call to help with my sunroof repair?

If you find yourself in a situation where you are dealing with cracks or chips in your sunroof glass, we recommend you reach out to the professionals at MobileTech Auto Glass. 

The Phoenix heat is no joke; we don’t want to see your sunroof glass fall victim to further damage. 

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