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Steps for Dealing With a Chip in Your Windshield

Aug 22, 2022Auto Glass, Auto Insurance, On the Road

Steps for Dealing With a Chip in Your Windshield

You’re cruising down the freeway. You see that dump truck up ahead, but you know better – keep your distance. You’re doing all the right things, and then, crack! A small but mighty rock chips your windshield. 

This unfortunate event happens all too frequently on the highways of Phoenix, Arizona. What’s next? Do you ignore it? Buy a DIY repair kit? At MobileTech Auto Glass, we’re here to help you navigate this situation. Here is our guide to handling this, step-by-step. 

Step One: Arrive safely. 

As long as the chip or crack is not impairing your vision, continue to your destination. Once you arrive safely, you will want to assess the damage. Take note of where the damage is, the size of the damage, and if there are any hairline cracks. Taking specific details down such as this will be of great help when speaking with insurance and getting estimates. 

Step Two: Contact insurance.

We understand it is tempting to ignore the damage and “deal with it later,” especially if it isn’t impairing your vision. The problem with this mentality is that, more often than not, these small cracks and chips turn into larger problems, especially when you consider the Phoenix heat. You can learn more about what the hot weather of Arizona does to your windshield here.

However, calling your insurance is the next step to take so you can ensure your coverage. Remember, you don’t have to go with the shop that your insurance company recommends. You have the freedom to choose the best fit for you

Step Three: Find windshield repair experts.

Now that you have a better idea of what your insurance will or will not cover, you want to find windshield repair experts. You can call local auto glass repair shops for estimates, or you can call the professionals at MobileTech Auto Glass

As it says in the name, we are a mobile auto glass repair and replacement. We are dedicated to making your life easier. Whether you’re at work, at home, or at the mall for some shopping – we bring our qualified service technicians to you. 

Step Four: Make an appointment.

Once you decide who will perform the service for your windshield, you will want to set up an appointment. It is important that you keep in mind your schedule and availability. If you feel like adding in time to go to a repair shop is too stressful, a mobile service like MobileTech Auto Glass is a great fit for you. 

Be sure to have your insurance and vehicle information on hand. We will assist in filing the insurance claim to save you even more time. 

Step Five: Follow through. 

Once the windshield repair or replacement has been completed, you will receive follow-up instructions that are intended to keep your newly repaired or replaced auto glass in pristine condition. We encourage you to follow these directions exactly so that you can maintain your warranty (we offer a lifetime warranty on all auto glass procedures). 

We also encourage you to practice a few safety precautions to do your best to prevent future chips and cracks.

  • Avoid busy highways whenever possible.
  • Keep a safe distance when you do have to be on the highway. 
  • Prevent extreme windshield temperature fluctuations. 

Do you have a windshield chip you’ve been ignoring? Get a quote today!


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