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Money Hack: Make Your Own Windshield Wiper Fluid

Jul 28, 2022Auto Glass, On the Road

Money Hack: Make Your Own Windshield Wiper Fluid

With rising costs these days, everyone is doing their best to save money where they can. One easy, lesser-known way to save when it comes to your vehicle is with DIY windshield washer fluid. We’re going to help you with one of our favorite money hacks. Check out a few windshield washer fluid recipes below! 

More Than Just a Money Issue

Of course, making your own windshield wiper fluid has a financial upside. However, there is also a significant safety concern when it comes to traditional washer fluids. Store-bought wiper fluids are typically made with ethanol or methanol, both of which are poisonous to people and animals. 

These toxic cocktails are bright colored and quite enticing to children, not to mention their negative environmental impact. So whether you’re looking to help the environment, protect your children, or save some money, we’ve got a few options for you.  

Make Your Own

We get it – the whole do-it-yourself thing is definitely not for everyone. However, we promise you – this is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do. Make a large batch up front, and have your own windshield wiper fluid on hand for months to come. 

Depending on the time of year and where you live, your windshield wiper fluid needs may vary. Using household items, you can make your own washer fluid in just a few simple steps. 

Important: It is necessary to use distilled water to keep water deposits at bay and the spray nozzle free from clogs. 

All-Weather Wiper Fluid

The key ingredient to an all-weather wiper fluid is castile soap, which is safe for your paint job because of its natural ingredients.

Castile Soap 

Take one gallon of distilled water and add eight ounces of rubbing alcohol. Mix well. Add a small amount of castile soap (not dish soap).

Cold Weather Wiper Fluid 

During the winter, you will want to look for ingredients that won’t freeze, like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and even high-proof vodka!

Important: dilution ratios are extremely important to maintain the safety and integrity of your vehicle! 

Distilled White Vinegar

Dilute one part distilled white vinegar to three parts distilled water. 

Rubbing Alcohol/High-proof Vodka

Dilute three cups of rubbing alcohol/vodka with one gallon of distilled water. 

Warm Weather Wiper Fluid

This method calls for distilled white vinegar and distilled water. This recipe is best for warm to moderate temperatures as the vinegar will pose an unpleasant odor with heat. 

Distilled White Vinegar 

To a gallon jug, add 12 cups of distilled water. Fill with white vinegar to the top, leaving enough room for mixing. 

Hot Weather Wiper Fluid

For those scorching hot summers, you will want to use a mixture that will not produce any odors. This recipe is free from vinegar and includes window cleaner and distilled water. 

Window Cleaner

Fill your container three-quarters of the way full of distilled water. Next, add eight ounces of commercial window cleaner and mix well. 

Final Steps

Now that you’ve got a recipe for windshield washer fluid, all that remains is refiling the windshield fluid reservoir. This will be located under the hood. We recommend referencing your vehicle’s manual for the specific location. 

Be sure to have a funnel and cloth on hand to make refilling a smooth process!

Remember, no matter how clean your windshield is, there is no solution for a crack or chip like a windshield repair or replacement. Let the trusted professionals at MobileTech Auto Glass come to you.

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