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Phoenix Heat and Auto Glass Chips and Cracks

Jun 24, 2022Auto Glass

Phoenix Heat and Auto Glass Chips and Cracks

Phoenix, Arizona, also known as our beloved ‘Valley of the Sun,’ is among the hottest cities in the United States. Scorching heat can lead to severe windshield damage due to temperatures soaring incredibly high in the summer. If you have previous auto glass chips or cracks, you may notice that these get worse in the Phoenix heat. Let’s take a look at why this happens and what you can do to prevent it. 

How does heat cause damage to my auto glass chips and cracks?

Simply put, sweltering temperatures outside and cold air inside the vehicle create a bad combination for your auto glass. When the hot desert sun is beating down on the outside of your windshield, and you enter the inside of your vehicle (sweating, of course) and turn on your AC, the car is now battling two different extreme temperatures. 

The rapid oscillation between hot and cold can cause some severe damage to auto glass. This is due to the expansion of the auto glass from the heat exposure, then the shrinking of the auto glass from the cooling of the air conditioner. 

What else can cause a windshield crack or chip to expand?

Hitting a pothole or driving down rough roads can also cause damage to your windshield. The motion of your vehicle over this type of terrain may cause your windshield to vibrate, thus causing cracks or chips in your auto glass to spread. 

Other stressors to your windshield? Try to be mindful when slamming on your brakes or rushing over speed bumps, too!

Pro Tip: Washing your car at home on a hot summer day? Opt for lukewarm water if you can, as the shock of cold water to the hot auto glass can be harmful. 

How can I prevent heat from harming windshield cracks and chips?

Here are our top tips for preventing heat damage to your windshield’s cracks and chips:

  • You will want to try to park in a covered garage whenever one is available. 
  • Seek out shady spots the best you can. 
  • Gradually turn on your car’s air conditioning rather than blasting it immediately at the coldest temperatures. 

Our best recommendation is to always repair chips and cracks as soon as possible, regardless of the temperatures outside. 

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