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MobileTech Auto Glass Lifetime Warranty: What to Expect

Apr 29, 2022Auto Glass, Auto Insurance

MobileTech Auto Glass Lifetime Warranty: What to Expect

MobileTech Auto Glass has over 20 years of experience serving the Greater Phoenix Valley. Our mobile auto glass services offer you a quick turnaround whenever and wherever convenient for you. You know what else is convenient? A lifetime warranty on all auto glass repairs and replacements. Talk about peace of mind. 

We want to help you better understand our lifetime warranty and address questions you may have. We take pride in our work and our business and want you to rest assured in choosing to work with us. 

What can I expect from MobileTech’s Lifetime Warranty?

An important thing to remember is not all auto glass warranties are created equal. When choosing an auto glass repair company, make sure you get coverage on equipment and installation, related equipment, and a sufficient length of coverage. MobileTech delivers on all of these. 

What services are covered? 

At MobileTech, our lifetime auto glass warranty covers any repair or replacement service. Our expert technicians provide high-value work we stand behind, which is why all parts and labor are included in your lifetime warranty guarantee. 

Howling, squeaking, leaking? We cover that. 

The MobileTech Auto Glass lifetime warranty also covers manufacturer mistakes such as distortion, stress cracks, or faulty accessories attached to the glass.

Does the warranty cover related equipment?

Yes! Related equipment includes the defogger, radio antenna, or opening/closing mechanisms that run through the glass – anything attached to the windshield is included in the coverage. 

Where do I have to go?

We come to you! We serve the Greater Phoenix Area and can offer you quick, convenient, and reliable service. 

Unlike many other auto glass service companies, our mobile services are equipped to do everything on-side for our customers, including static and dynamic recalibration. 

What about issues that may arise?

Repaired Cracks and Chips That Spread

Repairs are a minor service, but we treat it with just as much diligence in making sure things are right. If you use your insurance, we will provide you with a complete windshield replacement by switching the claim for you. If you paid out of pocket, we would put the repair cost towards a new windshield. 

Stress Cracks

This issue will be taken care of immediately. One of our technicians will come to you and swap out the faulty windshield with a brand new windshield. 

Wind and Water Leaks

Sometimes, leaks can develop where the glass and the vehicle’s frame meet. We will first attempt to seal the leak with urethane if this occurs. If the problem persists, we will redo the work from scratch. 

Can I void the warranty?

Yes, only but not following the three rules provided to you by our technicians. 

  1. Leave the tape on the windshield for 24 hours.
  2. Let the vehicle sit for an hour after installation.
  3. No washing of the vehicle for three days before installation. 

Also, if you sell your vehicle, the warranty will then be void. 

Who should I contact if I have an issue?

We strive to provide exceptional customer service through every aspect of how we run our business. If you have any issues or questions arise, reach out to us directly. You will never be stuck talking to an outside agency. We will personally work to make things right – right away.


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