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Cash Back Rebates and Insurance Companies: Why Make a Claim?

Mar 31, 2022Auto Glass, Auto Insurance

Cash Back Rebates and Insurance Companies: Why Make a Claim?

Having a cracked windshield is an all too common problem with Arizona drivers. We commonly acquire knicks and pits from loose gravel and rocks in our windshield while driving through the desert. Although many people find themselves in this predicament, many ignore the problem. You may not realize that you are neglecting a multipurpose component of your vehicle. You might also not know that most insurance companies give cashback on windshield replacements!

Why do cracks in my windshield matter?

If your windshield is damaged, it’s a good idea to have a professional take a look at replacing or repairing your windshield. Here are a few reasons why: 

Protection from the elements

The windshield serves to protect you and your passengers from the elements outside, such as dust, debris, bugs, rain, and wind. While you obviously don’t want to deal with any of that inside your vehicle, the purpose of the windshield goes beyond the exterior protection. 

Structural safety 

Your windshield is actually a fundamental part of what keeps you safe. Structurally, it adds strength to the roof of your car, protecting you in scenarios where your vehicle may roll over. Essentially, your windshield acts as a supportive beam to protect the structure of the vehicle from caving inward. 

Proper airbag deployment 

An even lesser-known feature of windshields is the essential role they play in airbag deployment. Your windshield serves as a solid backstop for your airbag if there is a front impact or collision. The airbags use the strength and bonding of your windshield to allow for their expansion toward the driver and passenger. 

Can’t I just fix it myself and not bother with insurance?

Many of us have that “Do-it-yourself-er” mentality, especially when it has to do with something that we perceive as costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient. Do-it-yourself solutions for fixing your windshield often make a small difference in correcting the problem – especially when you consider the long term. The DIY kits can have the unintentional effect of making things worse, wasting your precious time and money. This is where MobileTech Auto Glass comes in. 

Why MobileTech Auto Glass?

MobileTech Auto Glass works to help get you back on the road quickly and safely. All of our services are performed only by highly qualified technicians and we aim to provide you with the best customer service around. 

Our experts possess the specialized knowledge required to correct your windshield damage, whether that be with a replacement or just a repair. You will be able to have the peace of mind that you and your vehicle are in good hands. 

Don’t forget – we come to you! Our customer service is like no other because we take every step to make sure that your experience is smooth and easy. 

What will my insurance company say?

Part of the hassle of filing an insurance claim for your windshield replacement is not knowing where they are going to send you. We have great news – you can go wherever you would like! 

The auto glass shop your car insurance company recommends is just that, a recommendation. By law, the state of Arizona gives consumers the right to choose which auto glass company repairs the vehicle. Many insurance companies will attempt to steer customers to one of their cheaper partner auto glass shops.  However, you do not have to utilize the company they recommend. Additionally, they may tell you they won’t warranty work completed from an outside shop, but we do.

And if you’re worried about your insurance rates going up, please don’t! Unlike automobile accidents where there is an “at-fault” party, windshield replacements are considered a comprehensive claim and won’t cause your rates to increase. You do, however, want to ensure you have auto glass damage coverage included in your insurance policy. 

Let’s talk cash back 

We’re sure the burning question you still have is, “what about the cashback rebate?!” To bring some clarity, we do offer an instant cash rebate at the time of your repair. 

The amount you may receive will be dependent on your insurance company and your deductible with them. 

Are you ready for the MobileTech experience? 

MobileTech Auto Glass combines years of experience, the highest industry standards, and quality customer service to deliver auto glass repair and replacements that ensure safety – all backed by a lifetime warranty.

What are you waiting for? 

Give us a call or go online and book your appointment now!


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